Usmania Hotel in Murree becomes disputed

Usmania Hotel in Murree becomes disputed when one visitor goes there and record video of their toilets. He was sitting in waiting room when he noticed something odd in the washrooms. He put his full attention on it and found as hotel management has placed transparent glasses in toilets.

One can easily watch the movements of person who goes inside the toilets. It was really odd for those ones who were inside the wash rooms. He did not wait for anything and started to make video of those toilets. After making whole video, he put it on different internet portals which got viral very soon.

Hotel management also got this news very soon when someone told them about their commercial on internet. They firstly got it as good news but when they noticed as it was in bad ways higher management took notice at once. The owner of the Usmania hotel also called to manager asked for the responsible.

It was really very bad for the repute of Usmania Hotel especially in Murree. The owner also fired to responsible and passed order to remove those glasses as soon as possible. He was afraid of any dispute which can be arisen from his restaurant.

Actually few years back some hotel management had started to make videos of couple who had come in their room for night stay. They were caught by some sources and government sealed all those hotels. Owner of Usmania hotel did not take risk and removed all those glasses as soon as possible.

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