Transparent glass Windows of toilets in Murree Hotel

Transparent glasses of toilets found in Murree hotel named Usmania Hotel. It was observed by one visitor when he reached there to get room for one night stay. He was sat on the chair of waiting room when he noted as something foggy was seeing to him. When that visitor focused at that foggy part he cleared as that was toilets of Usmania Hotel.

Unfortunately, toilets glasses were partially transparent and one could see as what was going to be happened inside toilets of Murree hotel. Toilet is the place where people demand for full privacy but those toilets were out of privacy. That person made full and clear video of those toilets and uploaded it on different internet portals.

Video Link:

Firstly, it was popular about commercial hotels as their rooms like Murree hotel are not safe for night stay. According to different programs as the management of those hotels used to make video of couple secretly. They especially made videos those couple who used to come to celebrate their honeymoon. When they were gone there in different hill stations they went different hotels for night stay and faced problems.

There were many programs arranged in this regard so that they can tell people about the bad interests of hotels’ owners. They were used many cameras in different corners of the room and then purchased those videos at high price. They sometimes also used those videos to tease couples and demanded for money. They often got money from those couples unfortunately.

Coming back to real issue of Usmania Hotel, the management should take action on this news and try to resolve this issue as soon as possible. It would definitely emerge as very big news in the whole country especially in city Murree. They should notice it before placing it but it is never too late to media like Murree hotel.