Shahid Afridi smashes 3 super sixes Against Kent

Boom Boom Shahid Afridi has mashed 3 super sixes Against Kent in a county championship match. Afridi was matchless once again in batting in the county match. He has contributed 34 runs in the total to claim victory for his team.

Shahid Afridi has been playing in the county matches since a long time now. He was selected as a bowler but his batting has always helped his club.

The county team has given him more salary than many other over seas players. He has also captained his county club in number of matches.

Afridi Also played in the West Indian League and Australian T20 cricket league. These days, fans of cricket want to see Afridi in every match.

Mostly fans comes to the stadium to watch all-rounders like Shahid Khan Afridi. They are capable of hitting big shots all over the park.

Shahid Afridi