When scientists made first cloned mammal

They also many experiments on tadpoles but they were unable to turned them into frog. At one time they were also got tired of it. So, once again there were two main scientists with the name of Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell who pushed up their colleagues to do something new.

Then they decided to have experiment on mammal and they selected sheep for this purpose. They got a cell from the sheep and place it in tissue culture which was ruined due to many reasons. In other words, it again remained unsuccessful while they put it in tissue culture as it was starved of nutrition. Turkish President under attack was also an astonishing act last week for the whole world. However the attack on the presidencies palace was not successful. It was on the news that Americans were also being the shocking news as well.

They also have made many other blasts in the whole country but they could not successful in their mission. He has made very tight security especially after the revolution of army in the whole world. According to sources, President has decided to take his country in the right direction and responsible would get punishment at any cost.

Then scientists again got an egg from sheep and kept working on it. It was the time when they all got successful in their mission. They had made dolly the sheep and opened it for the whole world. People were moved to Scotland to see that first hand made sheep which was amazing.

After this experiment, scientists asked for making human cloning which got huge opposition from the whole world. It remained very hot issue in those days in which people stood against all those scientists. So, in the end, UNO stopped them to do so until unless they did not get permission from UNO.