Scenes inside The Plane Before the Plance Crash Video

People from all over the world who got the news of a plane crash in Havelian were deeply saddened because none of the 47 people inside the plane could survive. This unfortunate incident engulfed the lives of all people including males, females and children.

The news left everyone in utter grief because the famous religious scholar Junaid Jamshed was also among the passengers. This sudden death of Junaid made a large number of people across the world sad because none of them had even a slight idea of this unfortunate incident.

However, the investigation teams of technical staff is working hard to find the main reason that caused the plane fell down. Apparently one of the engines failed and stopped working that became the reason of this incident.

The inside scenes and audio recordings gave a peep into that situation that passengers were going through when they heard the news about the problem in the engine. They were crying and praying when the plane started coming down towards the ground.

All passengers and flight crew failed to survive as the plane hit the ground in the hilly area and it caught by fire after a blast that might be of fuel tanks of the plane. However, the recordings from the black box of the plane revealed the crying and praying voices of the passengers.