Salman Khans speaks about restrictions over Pakistani actors

Salman Khan speaks about restrictions over Pakistani actors who were working in Indian Film Industry. He directly said as it was not good to stop working those actors who definitely had no connection with the war. He said Indian government should re-consider over its decision and Pakistan must work in India.

He further told as they are all innocent and have no part in anything that have been happened at LOC. He further told to Indian government as they must talk with Pakistani government and should resolve this matter through negotiation.

Off course, it is not the first time when problems are escalated at this level, it often happens after 2-3 years. Amazing, it always happens from Indian side when they face some intelligence failure and freedom fighters are succeeded to make some problem in India. They do not think anything and abruptly blame over Pakistan.

They even could not provide any witnesses but they never think anything else or over anything aspect. This time they have got very large attack over their ORI sector in which about more than 20 soldiers have been died. They again started to speak against Pakistan and named it as it made by Pakistan.

Coming back to Salman Khan’s courage, he definitely has shown his courage although he knows as some people from warrior groups in Indian would never let him to say this. Anyhow he made it possible and spoke against the decision of Indian government fortunately.

Salman Khan Gets Poor Response from Indians