Salman Khan talks about Pakistani actors

Salman Khan talks about Pakistani actors and actresses who are working in Indian film industry. According to report, he emphasizes over it as Pakistani actors and actresses are not radical elements. He further told to media about the current situation as both governments should resolve their matters through table talk not on borders. He further emphasized to settle all matter through negotiation.

On this statement of Salman Khan, very aggressive party of Indian named Shivshana also could not remain at back end and replied to Salman Khan in aggressive mode. They further told to Salman Khan if he has more love with Pakistani people or Pakistan, he should move from here into Pakistan.

Talking about Shivshana, they never understand about the peace as their track record told to whole world. Actually due to present turmoil condition between two countries, the whole scenario has been changed.

Even those people have been directly disturbed who are working in both countries especially those ones who were belonged to Pakistan and were working in India just like Pakistan male and female actors. They were even asked them to leave out country India as soon as possible otherwise Indian government would never give their security from their people.

Pakistan actors have earned their names in Indian Industry and also are very famous like Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Zafar Ali and many more including mimic actors and cricketers.

People are also happy to know the opinion of Salman Khan who did not care of anything and told the same thing which was in his heart. Salman Khan proved with this statement as he did not dare from anyone and always says which is right.