People died in bulk in train incidents

Indian people died in bulk in train incident in India when they were crossing railway track to go at shrine near to railway station. According to reports, people were bulk as they were celebrating some annual function due to which people were even on the railway track. They were all in happiness and had no attention about another train which was coming at 50km/h speed.

It struck with the people due to which about 30 people were died and hundreds were wounded in the result of brutal crash. People were mad after getting this incident and they started to create fuss condition at that stop. They also put whole train at fire to reduce their anger as many people have been died after hitting to train.

Rightly speaking, train driver was not accused of anything as he was coming as he used to come in the same speed. He did not know about the people as they were stood on the railway track. According to principals, nobody have right to stand over railway tack as it is forbidding to do so but people do not understand in India.

According to railway authorities about 15 thousand people are died due to train hitting in which many people are died who deiced to get their own life by hitting to train. According to railway authorities, they are helpless in this matter and cannot do anything in this regard. They also have tried by putting some hurdles in populated areas but in vain.

They further told as people do not obey the rule and also uproot all those hurdles which are erected for their safety unfortunately. They have no sense about their own safety as well due to which train incidents are increasing day by day. According to railway authorities, it would never come down the ratio of until unless they did not follow the rule of railway authorities.

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