New generation and European culture

Sorrowfully, we as a nation very near to lost our identity due to European culture. Our new generation has been addicted to European culture and they did not have any shame while practicing it openly. They practice uncivilized culture not only in the school, colleges and university but also in their homes on the different events of wedding ceremonies, birthdays and engagements.

It seems as we are not living in Islamic Republic Pakistan but in the country of European Union. First of all, our parents are responsible for all this who claim themselves for their betterment and the future. They consider themselves the well-wisher of their children rather than any other figure in the society and they are also right in this matter.

So why they are not giving them the preaching of Islam and why they are not providing the proper knowledge about the Islamic culture? They should provide same preaching of Islam and culture which they got from their parents at the time of childhood. They have been busier than their parents but they would also get more problems than their parents in this way.

Coming towards the new generation, they even did not know properly about the basics of Islam. They do not get attention from their parents in this matter. Their parents look busy in the different meetings and come home at late nights. They have given all supervision to their maids who look after their children and nothing else. Most of the time, mothers are found busy on their own matters and fathers are stuck with office meetings.

So, in this way, there would be no one guilty in the children side as they even do not have proper guidance from their parents. So they would do what they would get from their environment either European culture or Islamic preaching.