Lucky people who miraculously save from hitting on Train Track

Here we are going to show some lucky people who save miraculously from hitting to Train Track. They were very close to train but God helped them and they remained save. In the first clip, it can be seen very clearly as how one man is saved from hitting to train when he was walking in between two trains railway track.

People who were sitting in the trains they informed him and asked him to save himself. He was looked nearly senseless and had no control over him completely. When he felt as something very sharp near to him, he abruptly changed his side and saved.

In the next you can see how one video maker save from hitting to train when he was busy to make video of other train which was coming from his front side. He had no attention from his backside from where there was another train coming towards him.

He was abruptly shocked when he saw backward and train was very near to hit him. He definitely dispersed into pieces if train hit to him. However, he moved aside and save his life miraculously. In the very next clip, there was another miraculous escape.

In the clip, one truck driver saves miraculously when he stopped his truck very close to railway track. When train arrived near to truck it was about 1-2 inches away to strike with the truck. He stepped down from the truck at the spot so that he could save his life.

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