Incursion of European culture in Muslim society

Sorrowfully, the incursion of European culture is increasing gradually in Muslim society. It seems as it is introducing by proper planning by our enemies. Actually opponents of Islam know very well they could not defeat us by fighting face to face, they have started attack on us by other means.

They are planning to devastate Muslim nations for a long time and they are also getting success in this matter till now. You can see the pictures of Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria which are devastated badly alongside many other Muslim countries where they have entered just to erupt to these countries.

They are targeting to each Muslim country from where they felt any danger of rebellion against European countries and American policies. They attack on new generation of Muslims countries as they are putting some addictions over them of non Islamic habits.

They are also trying to deviate to new generation by their own peculiar styles like involving them in music, by promoting the European culture of liberation in females and many more. They are very genius as do not attack directly but they attack secretly over government systems.

In fact, they want to promote European culture along with American polices in every Muslim country so as they cannot have any problem from these Muslim country when they would try to rule over these countries. Our rulers are equally responsible in this sin but we are still waiting for someone who would stand against them.

Horrible persecution cells of Americans