Humanity is touching its lowest point in Syria

Off course, there is no doubt over its topic as humanity really has started to touch its lowest point in Syria. People are being insulted and upset in the country Syria and they also have to move out from their own country in very bad condition. The whole world is watching their plight condition and no one is there to help them in this tough condition.

In last days, when they were brutally attacked by some invaders they also had started to move out from their country and started to get shelter in neighboring countries. Germany was one of those neighbors who helped them a lot and also accommodated too many immigrants. They were badly targeted by invaders who never distinguished between children and females also. They even purchase to females when they got them from their homes at the time of raids. Yes, they raid over homes and find out females and children to become them their partners.

They call themselves very true Muslims unfortunately as it can also be said this as they are using the name of Islam. On the other hand, they are not doing according to Islam in the country Syria. They also have declared war like situation with all non Muslim countries especially those ones who were involved in attacking in Afghanistan or were allies of American during the war against intimidation.

Unfortunately, in this situation the people who had been disturbed a lot those are Syrian people who are getting attacked from both sides either from those warrior groups or from Russia and France. After severe attacks in Paris, France also attacked over Syria on camps of warriors and sometimes they also got wrong targets due to which civilians are directly hit badly. 

In the given footage you can see how France forces are making air strikes against those warrior groups but they are still getting better day by day. On the other hand, Syrian people have very plight situation as they have lost everything and they have to leave their own homes from their own country. Now some Syrians have been shifted to Germany and some in other neighboring countries.