Female Gets scared at Home in London

Females fight with each other on main road when they have some problems about income sharing. According to sources, both were friends before and were running a business together. They have run their business together for about one year and never have faced any problem. They very good with each other and never uttered a single word against each other.

People who are living in their community, they further tell as they were more than sisters. People also never felt as they are not sisters but friends. In last days, due to slump in business they got some loss that became the reason of fight with each other. They were very good in their business affairs and always put down everything which they dealt.

They had started to make mistake of trust on each other and left to note statistics of their business. Both treated carelessness in this matter and in the end they got big problem. It is the principal in business that you can never trust on anyone especially when it is the matte of partnership. When they left to note, they started to get some loss or misunderstanding between both.

Both were started to complain each other on their own mistakes. Where people used to give example of love of these two friends, people also started to astonish over their both behavior. Some elders also interrupt them on their matter after asking permission from them. However they could not resolve the problem between them.

So they left them on their own and people also left to take interest in their business affairs. Due to disputes, customers also started to divert another store to fulfill their needs. Due to which, they both cannot afford and they even started to fight with each on main road. It was the end of their friendship when no one even came to forbade them from fighting.