Female friends get lack of trust and scuffled

When friends are faced lack of trust then they obviously reached at point of scuffling. Those two girls were very best friends and people were often used to give example in their territory. Actually both were running a big general store in one of rushed area in the city. Both females never had complaint with each other while working at general store.

They also had no objection on each other while running their big store. They were obeying the rules of business in real words and never missed anything to note which was purchased. They obviously had very wonderful system of counting and never miss anything in their business affairs.

They were really very good friends but they never bring their friendship in their business affairs. They had example in territory of running a very good business in partnership. They also never identified as friends but people knew them sisters and also more than sisters.

At time, one phase came in their lives when they started to break on their rules of business and faced big problem and even started to scuffle with each other. Both females started to abandon to note things according to prior method. They also started to trust on each other blindly. Things were stared to mess up and problem had begun.

One day both sat for counting, they face loss and they started to blame over each other. They had left to note things and they had no orders of things and statistics as well. Their whole matters were disturbed and even customers started to divert to other stores. They had only left the single principal to run business and their business had been devastated badly.

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