Doctor does check up of female patient

Doctor does different with female patient in his clinic when female comes for her check up. She was waiting for doctor for her routine follow up when he came inside the room. He asked her to stand up and started to check up in his professional way. He was touching her body parts for checking purpose which was necessary according to rules.

However, he was also being watched through CCTV camera which he erected for security purposes. When he completed his process he asked Female patient to come out from the room. It was the action which was made by inside the room and also recorded by CCTV camera. Some people stole data of CCTV camera and uploaded it on multiple internet channels.

Unfortunately, that video has been viral on all internet portals with the name of bad intentions of doctors with his female patient. He is just checking his female patient as she told him about his problem. It was necessary to touch her body parts where she told him about the problem. It is profession and medically it was demanded to touch her body parts.

Some people started to use it for their own purposes and named it as doctor had bad attention with her. If they are right in their allegation then doctor would not come out from the room. Doctor could also do something extra as he would not have any other person to watch them while treating any female patient. Actually people started to mess up things without knowing the realities.

Given video is very clear about the practice of doctor and nothing is happened anything in the clinic. These are just rumors and nothing else. Actually people started to act over things as they hear from the people they never try to know about reality. Undoubtedly, there is something wrong in medical profession but not everyone at the same road while treating a female patient.

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