Boy saves miraculously from hanging

European boy saves miraculously from hanging when he was trying to change his light system in his room. He was alone when he started to change it due to which he faced very big problem in his life ever. He was on the chair when got his feet out of control and hanged with the rope.

He was saved by his friend who came there unknowingly as per her statement. He told as she was sitting in her room and getting bore. She had nothing to do at that day and she also was not finding anybody to play something in the room.

So, she decided to have walk in the corridor and she got his room which was opened out of routine. According to her, he never left his room door open ever. It was very odd for herself also as he did not close the door. When she came inside the room she found something strange.

According to her, when she entered she found as one man was completely hanged with the rope and waiting for his last breath to come out. She quickly moved toward him and supported him by lifting his feet up. He himself tried to open the knot and got succeeded.

In the very next moment, he was on the ground and started to take big breath. It looked as he had been half dead and waiting for death while hanging in the roof. After getting his senses back, he hugged with his friend and thanked her very much for her precious entry.

Shocking incident