Baby bears having teeth in her mouth

Baby bears having teeth in her mouth in one of European countries. It happens in the country where people do not believe over miracles. However, all nurses and doctors were smiled when they listened about the baby came in the world having teeth in her mouth. When it was asked about the miracle to her mother she was also shocked to see it.

According to her, everybody was really shocked to see and hear about the teeth in the new born baby. Doctors were also claiming as they never saw it before to any new born baby having teeth in her mouth. According to footage, she had one pair of teeth in her bottom part of mouth. It was really amazing for many people.

There are also many other miracles happened in the whole world which give proof of God. Talking about most of the scientists, they have forgotten to God after getting achievements in their work. They think as they can do everything without the help any God. However, there are also some scientists who come closer to God after seeing miracles in their lives.

They started to believe in God when they see those things which never come in their minds. They put their whole life to understand those things but they got them in a jerk when they see miracles. They never forget to God in their daily routine works and always remember Him. It happened as baby bear in incomplete form and they tried to complete but failed.

There are still many problems which demands to be resolved and scientists are still watching for some miracle. Coming back to story, parents of her baby were very happy about her unique appearance. They had no bad things in their minds regarding teeth in her baby’s mount. They took it as miracle and noting else.